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About Us

We started our business in 1994. These days, we combine the expertise attained through our pioneer’s work in the field of electronic display with the modern concepts of informational means, to which our experience has aligned in order to fulfill our wish of capital, knowledge and energy investment.

SERATEL is one professional company rendering competent services in the field of electronic display and sports equipments.

We put up integrated and professional solutions in the following domains:seratel_sediu

  • Sports Equipments
  • Media & Information
  • LED Light Solutions


With the aid of the extensive capital and know-how infusions, SERATEL has become by far the leader supplier of electronic display panels (scoreboards) and sports equipments in the cities of Romania, as it is currently present, through the branch network of important bank, public institutions and sport, across the entire country.

We invite you to view our website, you can contact us about any questions regarding: sports equipment, panels, information and media solution and LED illuminated products.

     Mircea Drajan


     General Director & Founder – SERATEL